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United Thank Offering

Through UTO, individuals are invited to embrace and deepen a personal daily spiritual discipline of gratitude.

What is UTO?

United Thank Offering, often referred to as UTO, is a ministry of the Episcopal Church that provides a way for men, women, and children of the Episcopal Church to give daily thanks to God. Every year, the total offering is between two and a half and three million dollarsall of which is used for projects at home and abroad to support grants for missions and ministry.

More than one hundred grants are awarded each year through the UTO Offering Committee. 

The Giving Cycle

The discipline starts in the home by dropping coins into a special container known as the Blue Box. Many families and individuals drop a coin in the Blue Box each time prayers of thanksgiving are offered. 


At specific in gatherings during the year, individuals and families bring their Blue Boxes to their local congregation. Then the funds are collected together from across the diocese and forwarded to UTO and joined together with funds from other dioceses. All Saints’ and Ascension Sundays are the recommended ingathering times. 

Where are donations sent?

Donations can be sent to, and more information obtained from, our diocesan UTO Coordinator: Joanne Alston-Hooker,jalhooker@verizon.net,  PO Box 1272, Newport News, VA 23601. 

The Grant Cycle

Just as the offering cycle starts locally by putting coins in the Blue Box, the granting cycle begins locally with proposals from parishes and mission outreach programs. In the U.S. the forms are completed and returned to the diocesan office by the requestor, by the diocesan deadline, and signed by the diocesan bishop.


Each diocese may submit two requests each year.

How are grants awarded in Southern Virginia?

In order to receive funds, you must apply for a grant. The form can be found at here. All questions must be answered for the application to be considered. Grant applications are submitted to Southern Virginia’s UTO Grant Review Committee. Once approved by the committee, the request then goes to the Bishop for approval. If approved, the request is submitted to United Thank Offering for consideration. 

UTO Grant Applictions and Materials

The United Thank Offering Prayer

Source of all creation, all love, all true joy, accept, we pray, these outwards signs of our profound and continuing thankfulness for all of life. Bless those who will benefit from these gifts through the outreach of the United Thank Offering; and keep each of us ever thankful for all the blessings of joy and challenge that come our way; through Him who is the greatest gift and blessing of all, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.