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Transition Ministry

This page is designed to assist congregations and clergy seeking new ministry.

To contact the Transitions Office, please call or email the Rev. Canon Roy Hoffman, 757-213-3390, or at

Transition Ministry

The Transitions Office provides resources to congregations and clergy who are in search or in the early years of new ministry. We can also assist you with the following resources: 

Congregations in Search

Open positions are listed on the Office for Transition Ministry (OTM) website at  and then through “Search Community Ministry Portfolios” 
The point of contact for all churches is the Rev. Canon Roy Hoffman, 757-213-3390, Please send Canon Hoffman an email detailing the church in which you are interested. Only those with a completed OTM Ministry Portfolio, including the narrative portion, will be considered. 
Once your name is forwarded to the Search Committee Chair, any request for additional information needed will come from that person. 

Churches & Clergy Currently in Transition

New Clergy Called to the diocese

Christ & St. Luke’s, Norfolk

Called the Rev. Noah Van Niel, Priest-in-Charge since April 1, 2022, to become Rector effective April 1, 2023.

Eastern Shore Chapel, Virginia Beach

Called the Rev. Shawn Malarkey of the Diocese of Pittsburg to serve as Priest-in-Charge beginning June 1, 2023.

St. Andrew’s, Norfolk

Called the Rev. Charles Cowan of the Diocese of Delaware to serve as Priest-in-Charge beginning July 1, 2023.

Christ & St. Luke’s, Norfolk

Called the Rev. Jared Grant of the Diocese of Western North Carolina to serve as Associate Rector beginning July 1, 2023.

Seeking New Rector

Search Committees seeking a new Rector are active at:

Seeking New Priest-in-charge

Redeemer, Midlothian

Vestry has commissioned a Discernment Team that is actively receiving names of candidates for Priest-in-Charge.

Other parishes currently open to receiving names

All Saints,
South Hill

Part-time Priest-in-Charge

Church of the Advent,

Part-time Priest-in-Charge

St. Paul & St. Andrew,

Part-time Priest-in-Charge

St. Bride’s,

Part-time Priest-in-Charge

St. Cyprian’s,

Interim Rector or Priest-in-Charge

St. John’s,

Part-time Priest-in-Charge

St. Stephen’s,

Part-time Priest-in-Charge

Clergy interested in submitting their names for discernment at any of these parishes are encouraged to reach out to a member of the Diocesan Transitions Team:

The Rev. Canon Roy Hoffman,



The Rev. Canon Willis Foster,


Interim Ministry & Transition Pastors and Consultants

Interim/Transition Clergy are required to have training through the Interim Ministry Network (, Clergy Leadership Institute (, or Center for Congregational Health ( 


If you are serving as an interim pastor, priest-in-charge, or rector time-certain in the Diocese of Southern Virginia you are a part of a network known as the Transition Pastors and Consultants (TPC). This group provides a venue for interim and transition clergy to discuss problems and concerns as well as share joys and progress as a parish engages in a process of redevelopment and search. 


A group undergirded by the norm of confidentiality, the Transition Pastors and Consultants provides supervision and counsel to transition clergy facing challenging or problematic transition issues. The TPC enables transition clergy to reflect with colleagues on the often tumultuous dynamics encountered during the interim period. This group also provides a means of keeping in touch with the Bishop and the Transitions Office both on the progress of the search and how we may further support you. 


Interim consultants both lay and ordained are trained to guide search committees through the search process, enabling the transition clergy to focus on the care of the congregation. 


For more information contact the Rev. Canon Roy Hoffman, 757-213-3390, 

Resources for Search Committees & Vestries

Office for Transition Ministry

The following and other resources may be found at this link from the website of the Episcopal Church.


Prayer in the Calling Process 

This period of search for a new rector can be a time of new and creative activity in the liturgical and devotional life of the parish that can enrich the church for long after the search process is over. This guide offers you resources, suggestions, possibilities, for that journey.


Caring for Clergy in the Calling Process 
Guidelines for search/calling committees on the calling process including: appointing a committee; setting a budget; communications; reviewing, visiting, interviewing, choosing and calling candidates. 


Caring for Clergy through Housing 
A useful and insightful look at the complex and important issue of adequate clergy housing. 


Interviewing in the Calling Process 
Guidelines to help the search/calling committee make the interviewing process an effective tool to determine a good match between priest and parish.


Caring for Clergy through Compensation 
Guidelines for examining and advocating a theology of compensation in the calling and care of clergy, including: salary, housing, & utilities; benefits; reimbursement for professional expenses, with tax implications of each. 

Policy on Retiring & Departing Clergy

At any given time, a diocese of the size of the Diocese of Southern Virginia has several congregations undergoing a transition in clergy leadership. Often, leaders ask about policy or best practices when a change of clergy leadership is unfolding, and for good reason. 


Effective navigation of the transition when clergy retire or depart from a congregation is essential. The health of the congregation as well as that of the departing clergy is dependent upon the care with which the transition is managed. So is the successful ministry of incoming clergy. 


Policy on Retiring & Departing Clergy, effective January 1, 2020 


As stated in the policy, the Bishop and the Canon to the Ordinary are available to provide resources, support, and guidance to help both clergy and congregations navigate the journey of transition in ways that will ensure the future health of the parish.  We are ready to assist whenever it would be helpful.