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Supply Clergy

Clergy currently available for supply work in the Diocese of Southern Virginia. 

For the most current list of supply clergy, please contact Liz Martin, lmartin@diosova.org or 757-213-3390.

Responsibilities and Compensation for Supply Clergy Services

It is the responsibility of the church to pay the cost of supply clergy for services when the Rector/Vicar/Priest-in-Charge is away from his or her duties due to vacation, continuing education, illness, or injury. A schedule of recommended minimum fees for occasional supply clergy services is as follows:

Midweek Service: $120.00

One Sunday Service with Sermon $180.00

Two Sunday Services with Sermon $240.00

Three Sunday Services With Sermon: $300.00


Besides the fee(s) suggested above, supply clergy should be reimbursed by the church for all reasonable costs related to services rendered, which may include meals, lodging, telephone, and travel at the current IRS standard mileage rate for business use. 

It is the explicit desire of the Diocese that parishes, missions, and mission stations be served by clergy called by the congregation or assigned by the Bishop. There may be exceptional occasions where such is not the case, and where other clergy may be asked by the congregation to supply specific (or in some cases general) liturgical or pastoral services.

Supply clergy covering in transitional times or for a longer time period are to be appropriately compensated and are not to be seen or understood as a replacement for called or assigned clergy.