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Diocesan Commissions & Committees

Members of our commissions and committees work together to support the programs and services that benefit our parishes, members, and ministries in our diocese. 


Addictions & Recovery Commission

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The Rev. Lauren McDonald

Co-Chair (Bruton Parish, Williamsburg)

The Rev. Jan Brown

Co-Chair (Bruton Parish, Williamsburg)

Liturgical Commission

The Rev. Grant Stokes

Chair (Trinity, Portsmouth)

Stewardship Commission

Canon Lynn Farlin

Diocesan Liaison

Commission on Aging

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Commission on Ministry (Canon XII)

The Rev. Mimi Lacy

Chair (Emmanuel, Virginia Beach)

Commission on Status of Parishes and Missions (Canon XIII)

The Rev. Eve Butler-Gee

Chair (Martin's Brandon, Burrowsville)

Church Pension Commission (Canon XXIV)

Mr. John Fogarty

Chair (Bruton Parish, Williamsburg)

Commission on Church Indebtedness (Canon XXVII)

Mr. John Fogarty

Chair (Bruton Parish, Williamsburg)

Commission on Church Architecture and Construction (Canon XXVIII)

Mr. Scott Spence

Chair (Bruton Parish, Williamsburg)


Committee on Credentials (Canon II Section 3)

The Rev. Charlie Bauer

Chair (Bruton Parish, Williamsburg)

Diocesan Nominating Committee (Canon VI section 1)

Program Budget & Review Committee (Canon VII Section 1)

The Rev. Jon Anderson

Chair (Epiphany, Danville)

Committee on Constitution and Canons

Committee on Resolutions and Memorials

The Very Rev. Keith Emerson

Chair (St. Paul’s, Suffolk)

Property Committee