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The 81st General Convention has now concluded.

Visit the GC 81 page to discover important and memorable moments from the convention!

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Rule of Life

The Diocese of Southern Virginia embraces a set of guiding principles to enrich our lives. This transformative journey involves fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness in community; actively practicing acts of kindness and service; exploring, questioning, and learning from scripture; commitment to cultivating inner connection through prayer; and engaging in meaningful worship.


We commit to empowering and supporting all communities, large and small, to maintain and model healthy parish life. We will devote energy and resources to healthy congregational development, conflict resolution, and healthy relationships.

Becoming Beloved Community

We commit to improve our understanding of what it means to live racially just lives, and endeavoring to be agents of truth telling, healing, justice and racial reconciliation.

Creation Care

We commit to developing and maintaining a model of creation care that articulates and implements an action plan advancing our stewardship, not only of Diocesan resources, but of the earth and all its resources.


We will commit to develop and promote a model of evangelism that empowers us to tell our faith stories with the kind of ease and conviction that will attract people to our way. If it's not about love, it's not about God.

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A comprehensive calendar of important dates, deadlines, and events in our diocese.

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